Individuals in Transition

 Are you feeling stuck, confused or disconnected?  Are you in transition?

If you have recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and you’re having trouble imagining what your life will be like in the future, our work together can help you live your best life with your condition.  Your work with me will be a safe place to express your fears, sadness, anger and doubts.  You will find a way to move forward with your life in a way that works for you.  You will be empowered to have a voice in your treatment and to work closely with your medical providers.  Soon you may even be imagining your life beyond diagnosis. 

Maybe you’ve done it all “right.”  You’ve fulfilled your own expectations and everyone else’s too.  You have everything you hoped for, or at least most of it . . . a stable relationship, kids who are doing well, a successful career and yet you wake up feeling empty and you have lost your zest for life.  You’re not sure what’s wrong or how you got here, but you know you don’t want to stay here.  You know there is more to life for you than this current sense that you’re going through the motions.  In our work together, you come to know what your own needs are, distinct from those of your partner, your kids, your parents and your job.  You might decide to make new choices that will move you to a more passionate and meaningful life.  You find yourself waking up with new excitement and gratitude for the life that is yours.   

There is a Counselor in Santa Rosa who can help you navigate life transitions

I work with people who are feeling stuck, confused or disconnected while they are in some life transition.  I help them identify the stuck place and name the transition.  I help them find their way, step by step, to the life they want to be living.

One of the things I do is to help you look at things from different perspectives.  It’s like one of those trick pictures where you see a lady but then when someone shows you that there is also a vase in the picture, you can never miss the vase again.  I show you things that are there that you may not see and then you have new choices; you can choose what to do with that new perspective.

Weekly and consistently and we get some traction going and, together, we gain understanding about what’s going on.  From there you can start making the changes you want to see in your life.  Along the way there are forks in the road and you  decide how best to proceed.  We’ll talk about every fork, every choice point you  come to and at every fork you’ll have new understanding, new insights and new choices.

I hope you will call today to discuss the kind of transition or challenge you are facing.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.   Call me at (707) 569-0459.