Are you feeling stuck, confused or disconnected?  Are you in transition?

I have worked as a licensed therapist since 1984.  I am passionate about being present with clients and helping them to transition through difficult situations.  I love to help them be more present in their lives and more loving to themselves and others.

I work with people who want to explore themselves and improve the quality of their lives.  Sometimes they don’t feel as alive in their lives as they deserve to.  I work with them to understand their needs.

It’s important for people to find what gives their life energy, joy, and passion – what makes life meaningful for each individual.  We all need to claim our own meaning.

When I am able to work with clients to help them through their transition to find a better quality of life, that is exhilarating and incredibly satisfying.   To me and to them.  Every time I do that it is a privilege.   When I know they walk out of the room and they got something, I feel taller than LeBron – it’s a great feeling!


  • Licensed as a therapist in 1984
  • BA in sociology and minor in psychology and women’s studies
  • MA in counseling psychology
  • California State CLAD K-8 Teaching Credential
  • Positive Discipline Training
  • Worked extensively with people living with mental illness, people living with HIV/AIDS and as a private practice therapist.
  • Supervised interns for over 20 years.
  • Cofounder of Chrysalis Community Counseling Services

“This is your one precious life,” to quote Mary Oliver.  When you are feeling stuck, confused or disconnected, it’s hard to face it alone.  I work with people who are in transition.  Let’s work together to build the life that works for you.

Call me at (707) 569-0459.