Are you feeling stuck, confused or disconnected?  Are you in transition?

When you are in transition, it is easy to feel stuck, confused and disconnected.  You don’t know where you’re going or how you’re going to get there or if you even want to make a change.

If  you are feeling confused and afraid about what the future might bring, you don’t have to face it alone.   If you are feeling disconnected or numb, you can find the joy in your life again.   If you’re feeling lost, I can help you find meaning in your life.   You can reconnect with life in a way that makes sense for you.    You can understand your feelings, yourself and your choices and move forward with satisfaction in your life.

These are some of the kinds of transitions that I help people navigate their way through:

Individual Transitions:

  • Locked into a role, job, or situation that is no longer working for you?
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one or another significant loss in your life?
  • Confused about a medical diagnosis?
  • Lost because you’re living the life you’ve always wanted and yet you wake up every morning feeling detached and empty?
  • Questioning who you are how you want to be in the world?

Couple Transitions:

  • Wondering how to revitalize your relationship?
  • Concerned because people have changed around you and you don’t know how to make things work anymore?
  • Angry about an ultimatum?
  • Questioning if you should leave a relationship?
  • Struggling with being public with your relationship?

Parent Transitions:

  • New parents?
  • Are your kids acting up and you don’t know what to do?
  • Frustrated because you’re doing what you thought you should be doing, as a parent and it isn’t working the way you thought it would?
  • Hearing your parent’s voice coming out of your mouth and don’t like it?
  • Realize that your kids are questioning their identity and you don’t know how to respond?

I will help you determine where you want to go from here and help you make the change.  You will feel confident that you are doing what is right for you. I can help you build the life you truly want. Call me to take the first step of claiming your unique journey.

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“Kelly is a wonderfully warm-hearted, wise, good-humored, and professionally skilled therapist. She is a respected elder of the therapy world.  I would send my most loved ones to her without a doubt! ”
Robert K. Hall, M.D.Co-founder of Lomi School,Co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center Teacher’s Council

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